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This has been one of my favorite ‘secret’ dive bars since I have moved to the city. Located on one of the busiest streets in Williamsburg, Luckydog is the best dive bar I have been to yet! Located between South 1st street and South 2nd street on Bedford ave, its only a 10 minute walk from either subway stops (Marcy - J, Bedford - L), it is worth the short walk. Upon entering Luckydog you are welcomed with a warm hello and smile from one of the guys that check id’s (I like that going here I’m not surrounded with kids!) Walking in rock n’ roll compliments the wooden bar and relaxing ambiance. Being a regular I make my way straight to the bar where I receive a warm smile from one of the bartenders on duty.

There are four bartenders here (Kat, Bebe, Diane and Jenn), not only are these girls beautiful, but they are amazing mixologists! They know what they are doing and they make the most amazing drinks. Being a regular I always get either a Woodchuck Cider or a Jack and Coke, but this bar has a wonderful selection of ales, and their liquor collection is just as diverse.

Walking out back you will notice a very relaxed ambiance. There are lights hung up and wooden seating in front of you, along with a wooden swing for two to your left. Regardless where you settle down with your beverage you will always be surrounded by the most interesting conversation. Whether alone or in a group I have always made friends quickly here and learned something new every visit. The prices are very reasonable and the quality of service exquisite. I would recommend stopping by if you are looking for a good time and even better this bar is pet friendly for it is named after a beautiful Weimaraner named Lucky! So you can bring your four-legged friend to join the fun!

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