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Sanford and Sven’s Second Hand

Second hand would not be how I would describe Sanford and Sven’s antique boutique. Though you will most likely need two hands when leaving this shop, the items you find here are mind-blowing. Located on North 3rd street (Williamsburg), right across from a Czech Biergarten called Radegast, this second hand store carries antiques ranging from license plates to dishes to bicycles and more.

Walking in, the first thing I notice is that where I have walked in isn’t even the main part of the store. Its a outdoor section of Sanford and Sven’s which contains a diverse collection of vintage furniture. After browsing around a little I make my way to the back to find the real entrance to the primary part of the store. It smells of old ladies and vintage wood, and this enriching scent reminds me of my grandpa’s back home in the Czech Republic. Right away I see many items which I am not hesitant to pick up and check out. I’m welcomed with a warm smile and hello from the store clerk, and as a walk by the register to check out items in the far corner I notice a couple vintage camera’s sitting on a shelf next to him. Now I’m a very big fan of antique shops, thrift stores, and second hand shops, but this one is like none other.

Why? its simple: the variety and its affordable.

Its not overcrowded and there is so much to browse through, I felt like there wasn’t enough time for me to thoroughly go through all these treasures that the store holds. I found old pictures, tea cups, an old slot machine, polaroid cameras, cabinets, glassware, clocks… the list just seems to be never-ending On the wall hanging is a stuffed moose head. Its enormous and seems to watch over the store. Below the moose head is a collection of kitchenware.. pots, pans, cups, plates, silverware all for under $5 (silverware and cups that is).

Sanford and Sven’s is not only an unique shopping experience, but one which is constantly enriched with new items offered every time you visit. I would recommend coming in with no idea what you are looking for and you will surely leave a happy customer. I often wander in passing by to check out whats newly in stock. And if you are looking for something specific, I’m sure they will cater to your needs and help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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