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You know when it’s 2pm and you have a bag full of work that you need to get done, and you just want to find a nice cozy cafe, order a coffee and just channel all your focus into completing your tasks. Now you make your way to that cafe you normally go to and order your coffee only to realize that there is nowhere for you to nestle. All seats are taken by people who rushed there before you with the same intent.

This happened to me twice in the same day, once with my usual coffee shop, and then again when I tried my “back-up” coffee shop. So I asked my boyfriend, who is very knowledgeable of the area, if he knows of any good place for me to just unwind and start my grind. He directed me to a little place called Modca on North 3rd Street, between Berry and Wythe.

I met my boyfriend on the corner of Bedford and North 3rd, and we walked hand in hand to this little café. First thing I noticed when walking in was how spacious it was and what a relief it was for me to walk into a lightly filled café. The atmosphere was so light and we sat to the right of the entrance. My boyfriend ordered us a orange blossom tea (pot), enough for each of us to fill one and a half mugs.

We conversed for half an hour, and then he had to leave back to his office, so I took out my laptop and books, and spent my time vigorously doing school work/ and work for my PR firm. He came back 3 hours later to find me buried in my work, I had no idea how much time had passed since he had left. This is the kind of place I need to be productive, and he found it for me. No cluster, amazing tea, no crowds, great ambiance.

#cafe #coffee #coffeeshop #work #brooklyn #williamsburg #northwilliamburg #bedford #newyorkcity

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