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Cariño Restaurant and Cantina

Cariño Restaurant and Cantina is a block away from where I live. Somehow I have managed to walk right past it for the past 8 months when going to one of my favorite local bars, but this past Halloween night, my best friend’s hunger lured us in.

Now for some reason we were the only ones daring enough to dress up (as nerds by the way) and venture into this little cantina, but boy was it worth it. The place was cozily lit and quite packed, DJ spinning a mix of pop and latin hits. We sat at the bar, and skimmed the menu. My eyes immediately stuck to the guacamole dip and chips, and my best friend decided to order two glasses of champagne.

We ordered with the friendly bartender, and shortly after the owner stopped by asking how we were doing and if we were enjoying ourselves. The service was fast and the guacamole outstanding so we had no complaints at all. After eating we paid, and ventured off to a neighboring bar, and not long after we made our way back to Cariño!

We had so much fun there earlier we decided to go back for another drink, where we were welcomed by the owner, and bartender again. Not only is the service outstanding but the people there are very welcoming. The prices were appropriate and the experience as a whole was so much fun.

#tacos #mexican #burrito #food #newyorkcity #justnotmainstream

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