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The Grey Dog

I absolutely fell in love with this place.. When I first walked into this restaurant I felt at home. Its hipster like and very much reminds me of what I called home here in New York - Williamsburg. The ambiance is very welcoming and the people as well. When you take your first steps into this amazing place you notice christmas lights and this wooden edgy feel. You walk up to what seems like a cafeteria style counter, where you are approached by a waitress who takes your order. Behind her on the wall is a large amount of signs hanging on which you can read all your choices of food and beverage.

So far I have devoured the grilled cheese and chicken tenders, but my best girlfriend had the mac & cheese last time we were there and its to die for. The prices are reasonable and the food is amazing - this place has topped my list of favorite restaurants in Meat Packing District for a while, and I encourage anyone in the area to take the time to go visit it. Located just around the corner from West 16th Street and 8th Avenue, The Grey Dog is a relaxing place to have lunch, do work, or even go on a quirky romantic date. They sell wine by the bottle and even when its packed you will feel as though you’re in your own world at your table. Simply this restaurant is down to earth and whether rain or shine you will have a great experience here.

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