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The Linc

My close friend and I decided to catch up over drinks and we decided to try out a place called “The Linc”. He had never been there before and we were just looking to find a cozy restaurant with a nice bar to catch up since we hadn’t seen each other in such a long time. Since I was in the neighborhood, we decided best to stay in Hells Kitchen and find something there. He was already there when I walked the couple blocks to the place, and walking in not only was it nice and warm, but the ambiance was wholesome.

I joined him at his table, and we ordered some drinks. I started with my typical Jack and Coke, and as our conversation progressed, and our drinks empty, I decided to switch up my choice of liquor. He stuck to a simple scotch, but next I tried a hot toddy, followed by a White Russian, finishing our conversation with a Mai Tai.

They didn’t serve a Hot toddy but the staff there was so sweet to offer to make it for me and looked up the recipe! When they brought it, I was amazed as to how good it was. Next I tried a White Russian for the first time! Dude, I felt like the Big Lebowski haha! It was actually very tasty. The bar tender and server were really friendly and the music amazing! It was like we were sitting in a place that is a mix of an Italian old school restaurant with an old American sport bar.

The music playing was Pandora’s “Walk like a gyptian” station, adding old school to the ambiance of a warm. My friend and I found ourselves singing along to many tunes in between our various topics. I regret not trying any of the food they serve there, but I definitely intend on returning! Its open 7 days a week, Sun - Wed till 11pm, and Thur - Sat they stay open til 2am. Another nice thing they offer is a discount to those living in the silver towers and MiMa.

I don’t know the prices because my friend ended up paying for our drinks, but the experience was amazing and we had an amazing time! Also there are specials everyday! Let me know what you thought. ;-)

#hellskitchen #restaurant #fullbar #latenights #newyorkcity #newyork #bartender #openlate #justnotmainstream

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