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Bourbon Street

So after recently relocating to the Upper West Side, I had to find some new places to hang out on a “I-want-to-stay-in-the-neighborhood-but-have-a-drink” night. My roommate and I went exploring in the UWS 70’s and happen to walk past a place called Bourbon Street. Now let me explain what living in the Upper West Side is like -

We live in the 70’s and Amsterdam. Its an amazing neighborhood! Its quiet, and full of cafe’s and restaurants. The people in this area are older: so either just married or older. So when we walked into Bourbon Street Bar, the first thing we noticed was the fact that people were our age, 35 and below. This was a relief since everywhere else we would run into an older crowd.

Entering the establishment we walked into a raging crowd of guys in their late 20’s early 30’s watching football. Perfect. A down to earth dive bar with sports and cool bartenders. My girlfriends and I sat at the bar, and after a long day of girlie activities we were ready for some drinks! We were greated by a cute bartender, who remembered our names right away. Once we finished our first round he was very attentive on filling our glasses up again.

It was nice having people our own age surrounding us, and being in a cozy down to earth bar. The service was amazing, and they even have specials on certain days. Thursdays are $1 Bud Lights till 9pm and $2 Bud Lights 9-11pm. So whether in the area or just looking for a fun place to hide away at, Bourbon Street is it! Might even run into me or my girlfriends there this month!

#upperwestside #uws #divebar #firefighters #happyhour #specials #openlate #trivia #latenights #newyorkcity

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