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After playing a casual game of hide and seek while christmas shopping at Burlington Coat Factory. My friend and I meandered to the lower east side, to eat lunch. It was recommended to him to try the restaurant Momofuku and so since we were close by we decided to check it out.

When first trying to find the restaurant it was hard to locate because there is no large sign which would help point out which restaurant is the right one. We finally found it thanks to the small menu hanging in the window. The first thing i noticed when walking in was that the whole place is decorated in a simple wooden theme reminding me of hippi’s. We were welcomed by this cool chick with a bunch of tattoos and seated at the bar which divides the kitchen and seating in the restaurant.

I ordered the Spicy Miso Soup and rose – luckily the waitress told me that it isn’t to spicy, as I’m not too keen on spicy food– and my friend ordered Chilled Spicy Noodles and a tiger beer. As an appetizer we ordered shrimp buns. We sat and started talking, and in no time our drinks and appetizer were in front of us. My friend liked the shrimp buns, but I however (not a big fan of seafood) didn’t care for it too much. Right as we finished our appetizer, our entree’s were ready.

The Spicy Miso Soup wasn’t too spicy at all as I had been told! It looked delicious and the soup even included a poached egg - yum. Even though there was broth in my entree, there was so much food that I ended up taking home a doggie bag. We sat next to a friendly older gentleman who ordered another meal with mushrooms, and it looked very appetizing.

Overall the ambiance was very chill, though I was hoping for a little more room to sit and eat, it was an amazing experience, and I enjoyed a great conversation as well as meal. I enjoyed watching the cooks put together my meal, and see every step of it being made. Overall it was a little pricy, but we are in New York and the quality made up for the $$. I recommend stopping by if you are in the LES and love noodles!

#datenight #goodfood #ramen #chinese #asian #justnotmainstream #christmas #wood

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