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Skinny Dennis

Hello New York City 2013! I’ve been gone and busy but now i’m back, and to start my year of blogging I have a cool new bar that my friends opened last night! Skinny Dennis is the newest addition to Williamsburg, Brooklyn! On the corner of Metropolitan and Berry, this new honky-tonk bar is one of the funnest bars I’ve been to in the Williamsburg scene.

So the grand opening of Skinny Dennis was last night and the bar hosted an open bar from 8-10 no cover so the bar got packed quickly. They had a DJ set up, and half way through the night there was a live band performance as well! They had specials such as mint sweet tea and the most amazing irish coffee slushie!

We arrived around 8 and secured ourselves a place at the bar next to my friends. The first thing you notice when walking into the bar is the way its decorated. There is a boars head hanging from the ceiling, a jackalope on the wall, lots of cool posters, a old school jukebox, some arcade games. Behind the bar there is a large painting of Willie Nelson, and old school coolers filled with beers. Interestingly enough when looking at the ground I noticed peanut shells! You eat peanuts and throw the peanut on the ground - so fun. haha.

There are many beers on tap and a wide selection of drinks. The ambiance was so fun and the people very friendly and diverse. The staff was fast, very positive and had a great attitude. Smiles were everywhere and the prices great! I enjoyed the night there and I will definitely become a regular in no time!

#honkytonk #willienelson #peanuts #bourboncoffee #bourbon #whiskey #beer #williamsburg #brooklyn #northwilliamburg #justnotmainstream #countrymusic #newyorkcity

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