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Down the Hatch

On the prowl to find a fun down-to-earth bar, my girl took me to a fun bar in west village called Down the Hatch. It was late january and we were looking to just enjoy each others company, not spend too much money and have a great time.

At first when approaching Down the Hatch, you may walk past it the first two times if you dont know its exact location, for it is truly located down a hatch, haha. No, I was kidding but it is located in the basement of its building. Walking in, the first thing you notice is an amazing wooden bar with a wide variety of liquors and great big smiles behind the bar from amazing bartenders. My first time there I enjoyed it so much that I made good friends with one of the bartenders, Dan. Dont get confused though, there are two Dans behind the bar, both cooler than any bar tenders i’ve met!

Believe it or not, two weeks later, I found myself working at this amazing establishment as a waitress. My co-workers are amazing and the bar hosts ( I think) the best specials I have seen so far in New York. Everday there is half off drinks till 8PM and everday they have cool specials starting at 8! You will meet Sarita behind the bar, the Dans, AJ and Ryan. And sometimes Lloyd! The music is always the best sing along jams and pop and I have never not had fun there. And they dont only own Down the Hatch, this bar is part of a series of bars including Stumble In, 13th Step, Jake’s Dilemma, Off the Wagon… etc.!

If you want a fun spot to go to with friends or meet new people this is the place to go. The specials are amazing and the food is good. If your like spicy wings why dont you test your taste buds and try the atomic chicken wings in a combo for $8.99!

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