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Strangeways Coffee

Strangeways Coffee located in up and coming Bushwick Brooklyn, is as the title reads - strange. I knows its a little different but this here is my boyfriends new venture!

Along with Sal and Eddie, this dream became a reality and an awesome coffeeshop at that. When you walk in you are welcomed by a wooden bar that holds all the machinery and leads your eyes to a big menu chalked onto the back wall. I love that for a non coffee freak like me who finds great happiness in the simplicity of coffee with milk and sugar, this board explains what you can get.

After making this well-though-out decision on what to order you approach a thrifty red cash register where you can pay - luckily I have girlfriend privileges and I just leave a tip :). But tip well these baristas (Jakey and Eddie) know their coffee. Plus you wont spend more than $4 on a coffee.

The coffeeshop is decorated with wierdo things - just awkward, like an animal skull, or cans or rosaries or a mary with “no decaf" written over her head. But its awesome because you have a sense of hipster moving into this Bushwick area. There are benches outside so you can smoke, or you can sit on one of the crazy variety of old wooden chairs.

I am very proud of my boyfriend and his partners and how I’ve seen this project come along, and I would encourage everyone to check it out whether you are just visiting or live in the area, its cheap and good and you will enjoy meeting the boys.

#brooklyn #coffee

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