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Halloween Special - A Nightmare Haunted House: Killers 2

So lately I’ve been roaming around and I have to admit my meandering has brought me to some pretty fun spots - one of which being the seasonal - A Nightmare Haunted House: Killers 2. Sounds like a movie title doesn’t it.

I’ve been to the Bushgardens Haunted House in Tampa, and have hosted a haunted house myself at my college dorm and UT, but this beats all of the above. Recently meeting my downstairs neighbors, 5 college graduates (May 2013 - congrats guys!), we decided to make a spontaneous excursion out of our East Village home across Houston to the LES - to the first running of the night at this mysterious haunted house.

We decided not to purchase tickets online, although they are available, and waited what seemed to start forming into a never-ending line. Luckily we were few of the first people to arrive and the wait wasn’t too long. Once inside there was a bar available - unfortunately not with liquor but because this haunted house is sponsored by Dos Equis beer there was a light selection of alcohol available, which I may add you could drink while waiting in line!

I would say it was a boring wait to get inside the haunted house, but I would be lying. Between the alcohol made available for our consumption (at low costs), and the already meandering actors creating a mystical ambiance, the wait was an experience of its own. There was a girl playing a violin on a stage in the right corner of the entrance to the bar, and it was nothing pleasant to the ear. On the contrary it was a horrifying tune you could imagine being played in a scene of Hitchcock’s Birds or an old horror film.

Once we were next in line to come in, they asked us how many we were (7 in total, me, my neighbors and my best friend Martha). The next question is what interested me the most, they asked how scary we wanted our experience to be, depending on our answer those who would want super-scary would receive a red bloody cross to indicate to the actors inside we wanted an extra scary experience.

Without giving away too much, once we were inside the craziness began, not knowing what to expect and honestly not setting my expectations high, I didn’t know what I had coming for me. The actors were phenomenal and I truly enjoyed the 30 minute tour through different scenes of both fictional and real serial killers.

The price is completely worth it, and I would highly suggest you grab a group of friends and go. Whether you are visiting or live around the corner, its a great time and a fun experience and something to do before you head out to the bar scene of LES or just as a fun late afternoon activity. I don’t think there is an age limit as there were children in line with us as well. So put on your big-boy and big-girl pants and enjoy this wonderful seasonal activity as they are only open till November 2nd!

#halloween #hauntedhouse #fun #lowereastside #autumn #dall #justnotmainstream

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