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Cafe Pick Me Up

The name of this cafe sounds like it came straight out of a romantic New York movie about two people who fall in love and somehow a local coffee shop comes into play. And as cute as the title of this Cafe is, so is the coffee shop itself.

My irish girlfriend and I were wandering around the East Village, looking to have ourselves a refreshing cup of ice coffee. Lauren works around the corner on a street called marks place and as we passed we found this little corner cafe to satisfy our caffeine needs. Before even walking into Cafe Pick Me Up you notice cute tables set up outside and the windows and doors open so you feel very warm and welcome. When walking in right away you feel very at home as the place is decorated with your grandmother’s kitchen chairs, a bookcase and old cabinet with mugs and cups and all sorts of stuff.

You can either sit down and be served, or you can order from the counter and take your order to go. The menu is long as well and the choices of food and beverage seem never-ending. Between fresh fruit and vegetable juices and panini’s, or freshly brewed coffee and selection of cakes, the assortment Cafe Pick Me Up has is quite some variety.

The prices are very fair (e.g. $1.25 for a ice-coffee) and the sizes are big. The cafe is located in a beautiful area of East Village on the corner of Avenue A and East 9th street. You can do work here, or gaze out on to the street at the various people New York City has to offer. I definitely will be coming back soon, because this cute little cafe has sparked my interest.

#cozy #cute #cafe #coffee #easybites #freshjuice #alphabetcity #newyork #newyorkcity #justnotmainstream

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