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Preserve 24

After a fun night of tattoos, piercings, tallboys, jameson shots and exploring the East Village and LES with my friend Brian, we decided to revive our morning with a lobster claw bloody mary. Now as scrumptious as this breakfast experience was, I did want to feed my curiosity about a fun what I thought was a bar around the corner called Preserve 24. To my surprise this was more than just a bar.

Walking in I expected a small tasteful clean dive bar, however we were pleasantly surprised with a fairly large space which ran through the building onto the perpendicular street. I will be honest this place is breathtaking, to my delight every visit, I am blown away by the decor and the cool layout. All the materials used to decorate this place are made out of recycled old boats, and instruments.

Brian and I had the opportunity to meet one of the owners who gave us a private tour of the restaurant, explaining every inch of the place. We were lucky to meet him, without getting into much detail, the stories behind the creation of this restaurant are absolutely breathtaking. You can learn more about the place on the restaurants website as well as just strolling in and asking the staff about the background of the restaurant itself.

We have been back to the restaurant twice now since our first visit, and I plan on spending my halloween there as well as becoming a regular. The ambiance of this place is absolutely romantic and innovative and just so detailed, I highly suggest you visit! Out of all the places I’ve been to in New York this is my absolute favorite! They have great $1 oyster specials from 4-8pm as well as a killer bloody mary! Let me know what you think guys!

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