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OvR Ride

OvR Ride is a bus service that takes you from the city to various mountains, and offers packages starting from a simple round trip bus ride to Hunter Mountain to a flight with board included to Lake Tahoe.

I had the chance to use this bus service and traveled with a close friend to Camelback for some twilight boarding ($69.95). We arrived at Union Square at 1 and waited for the bus to show up on the corner outside the North West Starbucks. Once the bus arrived and we were on our way the two brothers who led this trip put on a movie and we were on the road.

At the mountain, we were given our ski passes and bracelets for discounted beers at the bar. And once geared up as a group we hit up the lifts. I was surprised that we did all the runs as a group. Not only was I lucky to meet really interesting and cool people on this trip but we boarded the mountain as a team. This service isn’t only for snowboarders skiers are also welcome.

After riding for hours, we hung out at the bar for a little at the bottom of the mountain before heading back to the bus. On the ride home the boys handed out PBR’s and all exhausted from shredding all day we crushed them and fell asleep, arriving safely back in the city.

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