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The Beatrice Inn

The one an only Beatrice Inn. Unfortunately I am not the owner haha (inside joke), however I have quite the review for you.

After a long day in the office, and a long run post-work, a friend decided to join me for dinner, my choice. Now living in the West Village, I have quite a variety to choose from, but I genuinely have been craving the famous Beatrice Inn grass-fed burger. It was still light out when we met in front of the restaurant (located on the corner of W 12th street and West 4th street), and the West Village vibe was absolutely amazing as the sun started setting.

This was not my first time at Beatrice Inn, but previously I never really had the chance to sit down and take in the restaurant as a whole this was my chance to do so in good company. My first experience, though it was on point, was very quick and last minute, so this time I had the opportunity to really amplify my experience and do so in good company.

I sold my friend on the burger, I rallied him up in a series of text messages on how good the burger here was, so once we were at the restaurant there wasn’t much decision making involved. We both ordered grass-fed burgers cooked medium and a side of the bean salad. It was absolutely the right amount of food.

As the sun fell further the room became solely lit by their candles and lighting, and the ambiance started to really show with the decoration. This “swanky and exclusive chophouse,” as they call themselves, is the perfect place for a date, a place to catch up with an old friend, whether you’re hungry or just stopping in for a drink. My friend and I chatted over beers and burgers and after marinating in this beautiful establishment for two hours we paid and went to another favorite bar of mine close by for a glass of wine and new adventure.

Beatrice Inn is pricey but your money is well worth the experience. The service is on point, and the staff very friendly and you will have a very pleasant time.

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