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Wilfie and Nell

Its been a while but I am back! With 2014 behind us and an amazing New Year ahead. I want to share with you guys my absolute favorite bar of 2014, Wilfie and Nell.

This West Village bar located on West 4th and 7th Ave is not only one of the best bars during the week, but a favored destination for weekend brunching and weekend nights. With guests adhering to a first come first served basis, this community bar stays true to the tradition of informal gatherings with communal tables and plenty of space to stand and mingle.

Serving mouthwatering dishes such as their dry aged burger, guinness lamb stew, and avocado toast (all my absolute favorites and a must try!!), Wilfie and Nell also supports locally sourced food from vendors such as Pat La Frienda, McClure’s Pickles, Murray’s Cheese and more. The prices are very fair, with beers starting at $7 and cocktails starting at $10 you definitely won’t have a moment without a drink in hand.

On top of a memorable crowd and savory food, the establishment has an absolutely warm and welcoming staff. Whether it’s Simon or Raf mixing your cocktails and pouring your beers or Alia or Monique serving your table, you will leave Wilfie and Nell with a smile on your face. They are very sweet and are always checking to see if your glass is full. Make sure you tip them well, they definitely deserve it!

So to recap:

1) Mouthwatering food

2) Amazing ambiance

3) On-point service

Cheers to 2015!

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