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Yakitori Taisho

This past Tuesday, I found myself wandering the city with my best friend Elisabeth. We started at a local bar called The Ginger Man - which I must say has a very lovely and wide variety of beers, YUM. We had two beers each and decided to meander down to one of my favorite Tuesday spots - Rosebar. The secret is my friend Brian Newman performes live jazz there with his band from 8-10PM every Tuesday and Thursday. We hung around for a beer when my friend Michael invited us to join him for dinner in Little Tokyo at a place called Yakitori Taisho.

Firstly I would like to say I had no idea there is a Little Tokyo on Saint Marks Place (corner of Saint Marks Pl and 3rd Ave) - Awesome. We entered downstairs and into this narrow walkway, past the kitchen and were seated directly behind the main chef. Our server approached us quickly and took our orders - we got a variety of dishes to share and a bottle of sake. They do not however serve sushi :(

Our order arrived quickly as did our drinks and we conversed finishing our bottle of Sake quickly. The food was so delicious. We sat there for two hours, slowly finishing each dish and there was no pressure for us to leave. The restaurant was full since we came in and upon entering you immediately get a Tokyo feel. The prices were fair and I really enjoyed exploring this hidden treasure of New York.

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