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Aire Ancient Baths

A big part of being in New York apart from finding the most amazing restaurants, and its nooks and crannies is relaxing! We are constantly surrounded by people in such a large hub that we sometimes forget to relax. I've been meaning to write about Aire Ancient Baths for a while, the ultimate answer to our stressful New York lives.

Upon entry you already feel as though you are about to encounter a magical experience. There is a floor to ceiling bookshelf which holds dozens of candles, confortable sofas, and staff at the front desk that greets you with a smile. Once you are checked in you go left if you are a female and right if you are male to change and put your things away into your locker. If you are attending Aire with someone of the opposite sex you meet again after the locker rooms on the other side of the venue. If you are a first time user you check in with another staff member once again before continueing down the stairs to the baths.

The baths of different temperatures, temperate (97ºF), hot (102°F), and cold (61ºF); the Steam Room, the Propeller-Jet Bath and the Flotarium; the relaxation room where you may rest on heated marble seating and enjoy tea or water. The last time I went - two weeks ago, my boyfriend surprised me with a Thermal Bath with Aromatherapy and Relaxing 15 minutes Massage package.

I swam around for an hour and then was called for my massage - I was lucky to get Kevin, I highly recommend requesting him when attending for your massage. He was really good and made the 15 minute massage feel endless. After another hour and half of swimming around I retreated back to the locker room. The locker rooms provide l'occitane products which leave you smelling and feeling absolutely refreshed and relaxed.

Aire Ancient Baths is located in Tribeca - Franklin street if you are taking the subway. It can be considered pricy by some, but I would say every dollar is worth the experience. Tal and I go quite often in the wintertime and it really eases the cold winter months.

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