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La Cava

After exploring midtown last night, my girlfriend and I wanted to grab a bite to eat so we decided to go see a friend's restaurant in Turtle Bay which we both haden't been to in a while. Located on East 52nd Street and 2nd Ave, La Cava is a woody wine bar with Old World & California wines, plus simple eats & an all-you-can-drink brunch.

When walking into La Cava you feel a very cozy ambiance, especially with the cold weather coming around. The bar and tables were packed but we knew the bartender - a fellow Czech - and she sat us by the chef at the end of the bar. We ordered a glass of Malbec, and glimpsed at the menu. I ordered:

Duck Paté $12: Served with pear, dijon and toasted baguette.

Formaggi Served with toasted raisin bread, grapes, and apricot jam

Choice of 2 $10

Cambozola – Cow’s milk, creamy, mild

Boschetta Truffle – Sheep & cow’s milk, tender, sweet with black truffle (OMG YUM!)

and my girlfriend ordered:

Salmon Crudo $9 Marinated salmon carpaccio, lemon and mixed greens

and a Chicken Pasta dish.

Both of us having not been here in a while we had forgotten how good the food is and how inviting the ambiance is. If you are passing by or live in the neighborhood its a great spot for a nice dinner or date. I definitely suggest stopping by.

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