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Randolph Beer

Tal and I were looking for a perfect Saturday night date spot. A place with good craft beer and a bite to eat. Browsing on google we found this Nolita restaurant offering seasonal & reserve brews , a gastropub dinner & weekend brunch in hip, rustic-chic surroundings. Located at Elizabeth and Broome, Randolph Beer seemed to be the best choice, so we made an opentable reservation for 10:15PM.

Upon entry you feel a very warm ambiance and notice a cozy bar and seating. Because it was cold outside I did not want to sit by the door, so we sat at the hightops across from the bar which unfortunatelly have no table service. Browsing the menu, I knew right away what beer I wanted to order (Pumpkin Spice - YUM!), however I wasn't sure about the food menu. When asking the bartender he seemed clueless ( said everything was good - when I asked what was the most sold dish he said all of them - didnt have a favorite either). Tal ordered the Warm Grain & Kale: bulgur wheat, quinoa, brown rice, mushroom, asparagus, charred tomato $14 + chicken $4 (pictured above); I ordered the Garden Burger: herbed goat cheese, spicy guacamole $15. Tal's food was waaaaaaaaaaay better.

The bar got busy around 11PM then again at 11:30PM. The food was OK ( I really didn't like mine, but loved Tal's dish), and the beer amazing! I would recommend this place to grab a beer with friends or take a date for drinks. There is no table service at the high-tops so while you are in the midst of a good conversation it's a little annoying to have to get up everytime you want to order something new, and no one checks up on you. The music was a little too loud, but they had a good selection playing of hip indie songs and soft deep house.

Overall the beer was priced well and they had a great selection. Loving great dark beers, I will definitely be coming back for the beer and the coziness!

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