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Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company

Located on West 24th and 8th Ave and only a 30 minute delivery from my new office, Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company has become my new breakfast spot. Because my new office is located at the Chelsea Piers far and away from any restaurants or deli's, my new coworker introduced me to this heavenly delight.

With over 25 continuous varieties of spreads and revealing a much anticipated new flavor every week (flavor of the week), the choices are endless. So how did I stumble upon this little Chelsea gem? One morning my coworker asked me if I wanted breakfast and she told me about this cherished bagel place. I told her my usual - Everything bagel with vegetable cream cheese, lox, tomato, lettuce, and onion.

When the food arrived I was blown away at the cheap price, quick delivery and savory flavor of my bagel sandwich. I highly recommend stopping by if you are in the area or ordering one morning if your office is nearby. BK Bagel also has several locations in Brooklyn for those of you who aren't Manhattanites.

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