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Jack's Wife Freda

After a long day at work, my coworker and I decided to go grab some dinner. I needed to pick up my new herschel back pack in SoHo, so we decided to pick something locally near the retail store. By chance I noticed that the store was near a restaurant called Jack's Wife Freda, which I've been wanting to try for months now.

We walked into a empty restaurant, only a couple patrons at a few tables, and we were seated at the corner table, left of the entrance. I instantly noticed the music - a blend of the 20's from the Ink Spots to Roy Brown to Bob Crosby. As soon as we were seated a waiter came over and shared the specials, I wish I could recite them all, but I remember the pasta dish as my coworker was enticed by their pasta dish of the day and ordered that - a beef lasagne with side of arugola salad. Being excited to have the chance to finally check this restaurant out, I ordered their most popular dish on the menu - Peri-Peri Chicken with diced salad. We also ordered the whole roasted garlic appetizer to start with.

As we waited for our first dish to come out, we also ordered some drinks. Like always I was beguiled by their beer menu - and ordered something new a Boddingtons Ale. YUM!

As we sat and devoured our appetizer, talking about life and love, our main courses came and boy was I in for a lovely treat. I instantly squeezed the lemon and drizzled the juice over my perfectly cooked chicken breast. With my first bite I could taste the tangy spice it was covered with. My side salad perfectly complimented the piquant course. With the little bit of sweet honey in my beer, my flavorful palate was complete.

The restaurant slowly filled up, and soon there was a wait to sit down. Though busy with work, the service never ceased to be on point and the staff always had friendly and professionally hospitable demeanor. I would highly recommend stopping by, the food is exquisite and ambiance very cozy - come by early though the place does fill up fast, or book your table through OpenTable.

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