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Kush Wynwood - Miami

Though my business trip to Miami last week was filled with long hours and late nights, after the conference had commenced I finally got Sunday off and my boyfriend and I were ready to explore the up and coming neighborhood of Wynwood. He really wanted to walk and admire the Wynwood walls and so hitting two birds with one stone I invited my best friend of 24 years and her husband to join us.

We arrived at the walls around 10am, stopping at the Wynwood diner for a quick bite before our stroll amongst the neverending art. We started at the Wynwood walls gate and walking from one piece to the next admiring each color, texture and line. After admiring about 20 murals, we further observed more art on walls outisde the gate, so we continued meandering until my best friend called and asked us to meet her and her husband at a local place named Kush Wynwood.

As we walked to the brunch spot I googled the restaurant, "excellent craft beer selection" "funky, little-hard-to-find spot tucked away in Wynwood". The spot seemed amazing. We ran into my friend and hubby two blocks away with their big bernese puppy charlie. The place was packed so as we waited we walked my friend's dog around the block, and after a 20 minute wait we finally sat down - outside. A little chilly for the winter weather, but the restaurant is Dog Friendly!

The waitress was really outgoing and sweet, she joked around with us and had a good knowledge of their beer selection - also something I look for as I am a big beer drinker ha! I had their local Funky Buddha Small Axe Big IPAImperial/Double IPA · 9.5% · Boca Raton, FL. I made an effort this trip to try as many local beers during dinner. Though they dont have a brunch menu, we ordered did their famous chicken and waffles, their Frida burger with a side of portobello mushrooms, a chicken sandwich also with a side of portobello mushrooms, and I had the grilled cheese with tomato bisque - Duh! Of course I would never pass on a grilled cheese.

Throughout our meal we noticed people with beers walking in and out a side door; to our surprise Kush has a waiting room right around the corner from the main entrance, where you can have a beer and wait to be seated. The food was really good, the vegetables were fresh and the meat in the burger nice and juicy. When we asked for our bill I was surprised at how little we paid - I think sometimes I forget how the real world is when living in NYC haha. I would really recommend coming to check it out, there are no reservations, but dont worry the wait is worth it!

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