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Over the course the past couple months I have become good friends with an awesome girl from Kazakhstan named Lena! She has been ranting about a place in East Village called Timna, and so finally last week we went! Tucked away on the left right passed Cafe Mogador when walking towards Tomkins Square Park, I was surprised this little gem hadn't caught my eye earlier.

I made a reservation at 6PM as she suggested we do, since it get packed quickly, and when I arrived I was greeted by a very personable and smiley hostess. Waiting on my girlfriend to arrive, we made small talk - and I admired the layout and decor of the little cozy Modern Israeli Mediterranean restaurant! As soon as my friend arrived, we were sat at the middle table in the main room just across from the bar.

Lena ordered the octopus - her all time favorite, and I had the mouthwatering delicate burrata. The menu here changes often, she explained, and the chef is a genius! His combination of flavor, texture, and presentation is flawless. For dessert we ordered the chocolate moose and Malabi. LOVE!

On our way out my friend asked for the Chef (Nir Mesika) who she had met on numerous occasions, and I had the pleasure of meeting that evening - talented and really friendly Chef Nir Mesika highlights the culinary wealth of the Mediterranean at East Village gem! I look forward to continuing to visit this restaurant and eating my way through the menu. Brunch is next!

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