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Hummus Kitchen

Moving to Kips Bay this past month, I have started exploring my new neighborhood more. I was having a drink and catching up with a friend at a local staple, Banc Cafe, when the owner of Hummus Kitchen started talking to us. We conversed over our drink and after mentioning I was a food blogger he invited us to his restaurant across the street. We were hungry and looking for somewhere local to eat, so we decided to check it out.

We sat down in the window table. The ambiance was really warm and cozy. As we sat the waitress brought us a bottle of wine, and an appetizer - pickled cabbage. We conversed as the waitress brought out spicy carrot salad, olives, beets salad, lilek with pomegranate seeds and tahini, hummus, and more. Hot pita, falafel, smoked eggplant, artichoke flower, and as a finale a fresh made shakshuka - it was mouthwatering.

There was always something new on the table, and the food was not only kosher but fresh. So many flavors in so many beautiful dishes, the variety was never-ending. The food is savory, the service attentive, and the owner very hospitable. A wonderful recommendation for couples for dinner, old friends catching up, a new tinder date, or just a bite to eat. The prices are fair and the food healthy. You won't go wrong eating at Hummus Kitchen - make sure to reserve via Open Table.

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