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Greenwich Village: Pokee to Accept Cryptocurrency

For my fellow foodie techies our there, I recently received this fun press release. Pokee a lively and ocean-themed fast casual restaurant in Greenwich Village specializing in poke. Just in time for the Blockchain Week NYC, Pokee will be accepting two major cryptocurrencies - Ethereum and IOSToken starting May 11, 2018.

While the digital currency Bitcoin has been making headlines worldwide, many experts in the young blockchain industry believe that the real value of cryptocurrencies lies in the utility of platform coins like Ethereum, OmiseGo, IOSToken. These platforms allow for the creation of decentralized applications, which free up small businesses from having to deal with onerous traditional banking fees.

When asked why her establishment would now be accepting this high tech option, Owner Sa Wang responded that “cryptocurrency users tend to be young, technologically savvy and fairly wealthy. They also have consistently demonstrated consumer loyalty to merchants that work to support cryptocurrencies. Not only are we able to save money by avoiding credit card fees, we are also able to market to an increasing population of passionate consumers. It’s a win-win and I’m surprised more restaurants haven’t made the option available.”

The meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies has drawn more than just the attention of speculators and the press. Many online stores including Expedia, Microsoft and now accept cryptocurrencies as payment. Real world adoption has long been the goal for cryptocurrency evangelists and It will be interesting to see whether this growing trend will have any significant staying power.

However, one thing is for sure, Manhattan cryptocurrency enthusiasts now have a place to exchange their tokens for delicious bowls of poke.

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