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Part 1: Malbun, Liechtenstein

As I explore my new home and share my experiences , I thought it would be best to start with my first Swiss experience from January. Tom planned the perfect overnight getaway - only 2 hours from Sankt Gallen and great for couples! In Part 1 of my birthday surprise I'll get into our Liechtenstein stop of our overnight getaway - stay tuned for more.

January 3 - I woke up to the sounds of our alarms knowing my birthday was fully planned and packed with snowboarding and other fun outdoors activities. Tom led me into the living room where I found a note with instructions on what to pack - including the fact that we would not be returning that evening.

I packed my sports gear as instructed, a bathing suit, and a lot of warm things. We set out earlier because I had requested a morning of Snowboarding, so our day shifted slightly, however I got my morning shredding in Malbun, Liechtenstein; as it was on the way to my "surprise". It was a beautiful day - as most are in Switzerland - and there was fresh snow from the night so the conditions were perfect for some free riding off of the main slopes.

After a couple hours of playful riding we ate lunch at Berggasthaus Sareis a the top of the Sareis lift. If you are a experienced skier/snowboarder you'll be fine leaving this hütte, however if you are a beginner be aware that the track leading to the slope from here is narrow. As we sat down I noticed the vast hunter's decor in the interior of the restaurant showcasing various taxidermy. It reminded me of a hunter's cabin. Browsing through the menu a item popped up that was known to the area and I really recommend this local specialty - Hangerolte Capuns mit Malbuner Trockenfleisch. It is phenomenal & pairs well with a Weiza, a local wheat beer.

We finished out meal and on our tight schedule strapped into our boards to take on that narrow path leading to the slope. I definitely had a couple of falls in the deep snow, especially off the path as we free-rode to the base. It literally feels like falling into a comforter haha. We packed our things and continued on the birthday surprise schedule in a direction: to me unknown.

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