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Part 2: Arosa, Switzerland

Continuing from Malbun, we drove to Chur a beautiful valley town south of Liechtenstein where we parked our car, grabbed our overnight backpacks, and walked to a train station.

Tom handed me a ticket with a destination which at the time had me clueless (as it was my first time in Switzerland), but I was excited for my birthday adventure. The train arrived and we were headed to Langweis and on one of the famous red Swiss trains!

We had bought some roadies for the 50 minute train ride. It was so beautiful - I have to say there is not one place I have been to in Switzerland yet that I can say is plain or boring. Our train approached Langweis and we got off - starting our 2 hour hike to "somewhere".

We set off up through the snow following a sled path to the top of the mountain. It was so peaceful - not a person in sight. As we approached our destination, the sun started to set and the mountain tops were visible behind the beautiful bed and breakfast, Berggasthaus Pirigen. The lovely owners were awaiting our arrival and had a bonfire ready for us with gluhwine overlooking the mountain range.

We got ready for dinner and were joined by only one other group of hikers in the restaurant. Tom had even had them have roses ready - so cute! The food was phenomenal and after a beautiful feast of fondue we set to bed before another morning surprise.

We woke up at 7am to a beautiful blue sky, but it damn was it cold outside! The b&b offers snow shoes for rent, and so we borrowed some and set off on a nice morning hike up towards the Mattjisch Horn peak at 2461 m. While I would like to say we made it to the top we turned around just before to head back down.

We arrived in time for lunch where we had something like a pot pie - delicious and möll which is a local cider from east Switzerland.

We packed our things, grabbed some sleds, and attempted to sled back down to catch the train back to Chur - unfortunately the snow was a little wet from the beaming sun, however it definitely made for a good laugh. I am not kidding I could not stop laughing at how our sled just would not go 😂

This was a perfectly packed overnight trip I would definitely recommend in the winter. Feel free to shoot me a DM if you have any questions!

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