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Always Praha.

Planning a trip to Prague? Whether for an extended weekend or a week vacation, Prague has maintained its reputation as one of the most beautiful cities in the world - and I have the pleasure to have grown up in it.

Here are a couple of my favorite spots that I always share with friends traveling to Prague.

Restaurant Ambiente - Great food - one of the fancier of the Czech restaurants but still cheap.

Lokal - seriously the BEST Czech food - my favorite is the one is near Charles bridge (Lokál U Bílé kuželky), even if they are full you can order a beer and stand in the street with other patrons hanging out. Super fun!

Cestr - this restaurant has amazing steaks that pairs well with pilsner.

Riegrovy Sady - this area is in Vinohrady - there is a great beer garden, and you can buy beers at the beergarden then walk to a wonderful overlook of Prague

Manifesto Market - one of the coolest spots located in Florenc known for its combination of food and culture. This is Prague's iconic smorgasburg. You can find a great combination of food and music here. Definitely needs to be a stop on your trip to Prague.

Letna - another great overlook of Prague, it's a park with another great view of the city.

Zizkovska tower - this is another spot in Vinohrady - there are lots of great restaurants in this area as well as the famous "baby" tower.

Lucerna - great music bar in city - always has interesting live music.

Anonymous bar - good for cocktails with fun games and role play.

Orloj - a rooftop bar with a great view of old town square at hotel u prince. It's like our version of a rooftop in the middle of times square.

Vzorkovna - this is one of my favorite bars. Though it's become a little too popular with tourists for my taste, it's super cool - there is live music, you don't have to deal with cash, you load up money onto a chip bracelet then use that to pay, and they have this big king size dog running around.

U fleku - my grandpa showed me this restaurant. It's one of the best old school Beer gardens where they serve only dark or light beer and great bar food. It's super cool and you'll run into some old "stangasti" old school regular in Czech haha.

Náplavka - walk along the river with boat bars and you just drink and walk.

Café lounge - is great spot for brunch

Angelato - best ice cream located in újezd. If weather permits, there is the train that takes you up to Petrin - another beautiful look out. Usually there is a long line to go up with the train, I really recommend just walking up its the back side of the Prague Castle and really a beautiful walk.

Café Savoy - known for it's amazing schnitzel.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you are visiting and have any questions. Have fun!

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